Gail Jackson , Founder

Gail Jackson, Founder


I felt transported into a sensory space where all I could think about and feel was the sound.

- Pamela D.

About Gail

Gail began her music career playing in the band in grammar school. There she never learned to read music but played by listening. Her school band days were over, and the best was yet to come.

After college Gail began to play percussion at a local spiritual center. Again, listening and playing what she felt.

After moving to Alaska and looking for a spiritual community Gail sang in a choir and played a little percussion. Yet, the music part was still pulling her. Gail stopped singing in the choir and began to playing percussion in the music department. She also started playing in a local all-women’s band.

Later a bandmate told her about Edwina Tyler, a female Master Djembe drummer. Gail found this drummer online and it so happened that a women’s drum camp was happening that summer with Edwina facilitating at the camp.

Gail attended the camp and Edwina’s class. There she heard funny sounds and looked around and saw people crying. That’s where Gail first experienced the power of the drum. A couple of years later while meditating it came to Gail that she could facilitate drumming circles.

She later attended Arthur Hull’s, “Village Music Circle.” Basic Facilitators Training and has never been the same. Connecting with others through rhythm, transcending words and being able to be free in the moment. Gail returned the next year as a Mentor.

Gail know facilitates monthly drumming circles, weddings, birthdays, special celebrations and corporate events.

Gail is a Certified Village Music Circle Facilitator and Accredited through the Drum Circle Facilitators Guild.

When visiting a friend in Saint Louis Gail attended her first Sound Bath. From the first tap of the gong Gail was drawn to its powerful vibration and resonance. Gail inquired from the gong player the who, what and where of her training. That fall Gail was in Asheville, NC taking her first gong training. She also went back the next year for the second part.

She received a certificate in Sound Healing and Therapy from Globe Institute Sound & Consciousness in CA.

Gail was awarded a Project Award in 2017 from the Rasmuson Foundation to study sound. This award has opened many doors and opportunities. Gail will be playing amongst several gong players at the first Gong artist, Gong Summit (Gong Culture and Craft) in Chester, CT.

She is currently practicing her artistry playing once a month sound baths, sound meditations and in the summer playing outside at the Performing Arts Center.

Little did she know she has always been drawn to sound and the effects of it on the body temple and enjoys sharing that with others through the art of sound.

In the fall of 2019 Gail will begin her teacher studies in the practice of Mindfulness.