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Combining ancient indigenous wisdom with modern science, this gathering is designed to empower you deeply and holistically through the path of music medicine.

During this gathering you will:

  • Empower yourself to connect to your inner music and the music of the earth

  • Identify the four elements of music medicine and the practical application in wellness for mind, body, spirit and soul

  • Release judgments limiting you from creating music

  • Listen more deeply to yourself, others, and nature

  • Build community and meet like-hearted individuals serving with music

No prior musical experience necessary. We provide drums or you can bring your own – we welcome drums, rattles, flutes, hand pan, singing bowls and other healing sounds.

There is an alter for this program. You may bring an item (of reasonable size) that’s special to you during the program

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This program is designed for:

  • 10 - 25 participants

  • Women’s groups

  • Co-ed groups

  • Day retreats

  • Spiritual Communities

  • Other groups (please contact CreativeRhythms, LLC)

A $50 deposit is required to book a Music Medicine session. It is non-refundable, but can be transferred one time.